Preference votes

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District of Anderlues

Counting status : full - Renewed at
17 PS
1FURLAN Paul939
2GAHOUCHI Latifa67
3SAHLI Mourad168
4GONZALEZ Virginie1.313
5KILIC Serdar53
6GEERAERTS Virginie53
7HENRY Olivier44
8GRECO Isabella322
9BLANCHART Philippe377
10MEIRE Laurence55
1HARDY Maxime138
2MENGONI Sophie119
3BEKLEVIC Alpaslan44
4RIEZ Véronique91
5BANGISA Gaëtan51
6SAUTIER Amandine43
7CHAÏBAÏ Karim112
8IACONA Ornella66
9MARCHAL Marcellin77
10JANDRAIN Babette86