Preference votes

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Constituency of Liège

Counting status : full - Renewed at
1CREMASCO Veronica8.97017,71%6.54715.5178.1591
2BIERIN Olivier2.5775,09%8.15910.73602
3WISLEZ Daphné3.1866,29%03.1860
4BOUACIDA Mehdi2.0314,01%02.0310
5MOUKKAS Assia2.6615,25%02.6610
6RENARD Philippe1.5993,16%01.5990
7MERTENS Sybille3.4866,88%03.4860
8TIRTIAUX Johan1.4492,86%01.4490
9DE BARROS Aline2.0834,11%02.0830
10VERJANS Jean-François1.2942,56%01.2940
11BONAZZA Isabella2.0814,11%02.0810
12DARAS José1.7063,37%01.7060
13HENRY Philippe2.8525,63%02.8520
1MERCENIER Claudy1.4132,79%14.10415.5175.9201
2PETIT Cécile1.7173,39%5.9207.63702
3BOUZALGHA Mehdi1.2482,46%01.24806
4CARNEVALI Elodie1.2432,45%01.24307
5PASSANISI Maurizio5761,14%0576011
6CUESTA CORDON Caroline1.3192,60%01.31904
7DOYEN Fabian5241,03%0524012
8FRANÇOIS Nathalie1.2342,44%01.23408
9BECKERS David6721,33%0672010
10GODFRAIND Camille1.2022,37%01.20209
11VERBEEREN Christophe4720,93%0472013
12DISTER Anne1.2972,56%01.29705
13le BUSSY Quentin1.7473,45%01.74703
IThe number of ballots allotted to the candidates by devolution to the amount of what is necessary to reach the eligibility threshold.
IITotal amount of votes obtained by the candidates after devolution.
IIIAmount of ballots remaining for distribution by devolution.
IVNomination and classification of elected officials.
%The proportion of preference votes received by the candidate compared to the total number of preference votes received by all candidates of their affiliated party.
Additional information
ANumber of seats the lists has won2
BTotal number of header votes for the list27.362
CTotal number of ballots with only titular votes12.686
DTotal numnber of ballots with titular and substitutes votes4.452
ETotal number of ballots with one or more substitutes votes2.050
FStemcijfer van de lijst (B + C + D + E)46.550
GVerkiesbaarheidscijfer (F : (A + 1))15.517
H(Halve) pot titularissen (B + E) / 214.706
I(Halve) pot opvolgers (B + C) / 220.024