Preference votes

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Constituency of Liège

Counting status : full - Renewed at
17 PS
1MARCOURT Jean-Claude28.80723,65%028.80719.8101
2MORREALE Christie13.28710,91%2.46915.75617.3412
3LENZINI Mauro5.4524,48%10.30415.7567.0373
4ROBERTY Sabine5.6424,63%7.03712.67904
5COLAK Ernur4.8453,98%04.8450
6CAPPA Isabelle4.6703,83%04.6700
7WITSEL Thierry6.9755,73%06.97505
8EL HASNAOUI Sarah4.4623,66%04.4620
9ILOU BARMA Waziri1.6851,38%01.6850
10BRIMBOIS Marie-Virginie2.3181,90%02.3180
11DOUTRELOUP Sébastien2.2071,81%02.2070
12HUMBLET Isabelle3.8373,15%03.8370
13GOMEZ Francis5.0264,13%05.0260
1LÉONARD Laurent5.5344,54%10.22215.75627.1921
2ISTAZ-SLANGEN Zoé2.5192,07%13.23715.75613.9552
3BELTRAN Fabien2.3371,92%13.41915.7565363
4HEYLEN Caroline1.9391,59%5362.47505
5ETIENNE Pierre2.0421,68%02.04208
6LIBERTIAUX Marina2.0111,65%02.01109
7SORTINO Christopher1.5881,30%01.588011
8SCHLITZ Catherine1.5941,31%01.594010
9DEMONTY Vincent1.2921,06%01.292012
10MEZIANI Yamina2.1971,80%02.19707
11SMOLDERS Thibaud2.2591,85%02.25906
12BERTHOLET Edith1.0990,90%01.099013
13GÉRADON Déborah6.1765,07%06.17604
IThe number of ballots allotted to the candidates by devolution to the amount of what is necessary to reach the eligibility threshold.
IITotal amount of votes obtained by the candidates after devolution.
IIIAmount of ballots remaining for distribution by devolution.
IVNomination and classification of elected officials.
%The proportion of preference votes received by the candidate compared to the total number of preference votes received by all candidates of their affiliated party.
Additional information
ANumber of seats the lists has won5
BTotal number of header votes for the list33.581
CTotal number of ballots with only titular votes41.247
DTotal numnber of ballots with titular and substitutes votes13.664
ETotal number of ballots with one or more substitutes votes6.039
FStemcijfer van de lijst (B + C + D + E)94.531
GVerkiesbaarheidscijfer (F : (A + 1))15.756
H(Halve) pot titularissen (B + E) / 219.810
I(Halve) pot opvolgers (B + C) / 237.414